The weather has been so great this summer I have been swimming most days. One weekend we had Stuarts nephew down to stay with his four children and we went to Marazion beach for the afternoon. We were in the water most of the afternoon, the children had a great time messing about with their body boards, unfortunately there wasn’t any surf for them to really get going. Even Amelie had her first decent paddle and loved having her cousins around.

This last weekend Stuart actually managed to have a day off and once we had finished the rooms and had lunch we went down to the beach off the Promenade for a couple of hours.

Pebbles                     Calm waters


Although there were a few more clouds around it was certainly still very hot, once the tide came in we went for a swim, the sea has warmed up really well this year.

The sea must be warm because even Stuart got in and swam for a decent amount of time:-)

There were plenty of people down enjoying the beach and the sea. The pebbles draw people to throw them into the sea and one young lad was having a great time throwing pebbles into the sea, thankfully no wayward ones hit us, but it got close once or twice! Although not the most comfortable beach to lie on it is very handy for me being just down the road. I can nip down have a quick dip and a bit of sun before dashing back to check guests in.