This winter we went to town on our kitchen and hall/office area. Ceilings and walls came down, floors came up and a very dusty three months began. A picture of the old kitchen which we inherited and had served the Keigwin well over the years, to the newly revamped one complete with breakfast bar which I find great for my lunch.

Old kitchen 2                                                      Back in

We began or at least Keith and Mike began on the 16th November, whilst we were returning from a quick break in Gran Canaria, the old kitchen had gone by 10am!! No holding these guys back once they start a job.

Gone!       EmptySome good kindling came out of  walls, shame we don’t have an open fire anymore, but friends got the use of it, some even went to work with Stuart to help keep the terminal warm at Lands End.

New ceilingOne weekend Mike decided to have some time off!! What was he thinking? Anyway Keith then got me as an apprentice for the weekend and it was the ceiling beams that were on the job list. Well we got through the weekend in one piece, I got good at holding the ends of the beams and passing up tools and screws to Keith as well as keeping the cups of tea flowing.

Coming together We have gone for formica on the walls for ease of cleaning, I didn’t want grout getting grubby and looking rough after a few months. It was a definite art form getting this on the walls, we got large sheets so that we didn’t have too many joins and it was stuck to the plyboard walls. The glue that was used was very smelly (it even permeated into next door one day!!) so the guys had to wear masks to prevent them from ‘flying’ home at night, it was very tricky to get it on the walls without any bubbles, once the glue touched the wall you had very little chance of moving it!!

Done bar a couple of doorsThree months later we had a brand new kitchen bar a couple of doors and handles

Officeand also a new office area complete with purpose built cubby holes to help keep everything tidy.

We reopened again on the 19th January with a full house, even had people knock on the door for a room!!