A couple of weekends ago it was overcast in Mounts Bay and not the best beach weather so we packed up a picnic and hit the road with the pushbikes. From Keigwin we headed out of town through Heamoor on through Madron onto the Penwith Moors. Its a steady climb up to the moors and it was definitely a case of the hare and the tortoise or in my case the snail!! Slow and steady and I made it to the top without getting off and pushing. We passed Lanyon Quoit and on towards the turning for Men-an-Tol which was a very popular spot to visit on this day looking at the amount of cars parked on the side of the road and in the parking spot. As we crested the next hill we decided we ought to stop for a bite to eat and found a great spot above Morvah beside a field of brown sheep.

 Our picnic stop.  Panoramic view over the North coast.

The sun decided to put in an appearance as we stopped for lunch which was lovely although neither of us had taken our sunglasses! Also very unusual for it to be cloudy in Mounts Bay and clear on the North coast but we weren’t complaining. After our pitstop for food we decided a pint was needed so we hopped back on the bikes and headed to the Gurnards Head for a drink.


Enroute to the Gurnards Head we passed this old mine engine house looking stunning against a bright blue sky, the foxgloves were in full flower everywhere too and the hedgerows looked glorious.

A welcome pint was had in the garden of the Gurnards Head watching the world go by. The open top bus travels past here on its way between Lands End and St Ives, a stunning trip even on a murky day, it should definitely be on the ‘to do list’ when staying at Keigwin and visiting West Cornwall. From the Gurnards Head we took a different road back to Penzance it still involved a hill, but once at the top it was a great run down through the Try Valley into Newmill, onto Gulval and back along the cliff road past the railway station onto the prom and home.