The same day that all the excitment of HMS Queen Elizabeth visiting Mounts Bay the Ross Bridge was opened to let the St Piran the sea fisheries boat out.

  The Ross Bridge open.       St Piran being towed into the wet dock.

We have lived in Penzance for over 12 years and until this day I had never actually seen the Ross Bridge open! That is not to say it isn’t open very often, I have just never been in the right place at the right time.

  Road surface temporarily gone. People waiting on both sides for the bridge to reopen.3

I think there was an issue with the swinging mechanism as there were two workmen with their heads in the control box and bits of wire. I had to get into town so I walked back up chapel street and down the Abbey Slip to get the next photograph.

Looking across the Abbey Basin towards Ross Bridge and the harbour.