I am trying to make the most of lockdown by refreshing paintwork and the banisters. Sanitizing multiple times a day has taken a toll on the banisters.

I started by sanding them down and then gave them a couple of coats of Danish oil. I hope you’ll agree they look much improved?

Handrail looking better
Newel post has now had a coat too.
Two coats later and looking great.

The first time we had the whole hallway and stairs professionally decorated, a young lad who was working with his uncle got the unenviable job of sanding down the banisters and spindles. I guess we may have put him off decorating for life as he is now a professional rugby player. Kyle used to play for the Pirates and several times I suggested he may like to come back and redo the banisters, funnily enough he never took me up on the offer! Kyle is now playing for Gloucester, we will miss his speed and rugby talent at the Pirates but wish him huge success in his career.