Room 2 how it looked in 2022 before its refurb over winter.

During the winter of 2022/3 we took on the job of refurbishing room 2 our king size double. I started by stripping off all the woodchip wallpaper, whilst Stuart busied himself in the bathroom removing the toilet, sink, shower and all the tiles. As is always the case in old buildings we found a multitude of sins hidden beneath the tiles. It turned out that one side of the shower cubicle was actually a door! Once all the tiles were removed we could see that the walls had started to rot. So down came the walls as well. Our builders rebuilt the walls in exactly the same place but we swopped the position of the door and the shower. We have managed to get a larger shower into the bathroom and to my glee have got rid of the offending step that used to run down the middle of the room.


We also changed the old light fittings to spotlights in both the bedroom and bathroom. We added some more electric sockets with USB charging points and raised them higher up the walls so they are no longer hidden behind the bedside cabinets.

We have replaced the old curtains and homemade blind with lovely new venetian style blinds in a mid grey colour which matches the feature wall in the bedroom.

In October 2023 we started to dismantle room 6 the standard twin room that shares the family bathroom with room 7 the standard single. As with room 2 we stripped off all the old woodchip wallpaper, moved electrical sockets to a more useable height, added spotlights in both the bedroom and the family bathroom. The bathroom walls were OK thankfully and didn’t need a full rebuild. We replaced the large shower enclosure with one exactly the same size but more modern in chrome. We replaced the toilet as we did in room 2 with a comfort style toilet, slightly higher than a normal loo, much better when you have creaky knees;-) .

Again we have replaced the old curtains and homemade blind with new Venetian style grey blinds, a much more modern look in our opinion.

Hopefully all our guests will appreciate the new look rooms. Don’t forget both the standard rooms do have a vanity basin in the rooms and we provide bathrobes.